Avoid a Honeymoon Nightmare...


* 7 Travel Agent Secrets for All-Inclusive Honeymoon Planning *

DON'T BE DUPED by photoshopped photos, honeymoon "deals", and vague resort descriptions! Gain an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE when planning your honeymoon so you can be confident you'll actually GET what you BOOK!

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"Make sure what you SEE is what you GET..."

- Erin Cook, Owner of Custom Memories Travel

Imagine THIS happening on your all-inclusive honeymoon:
  • YOU FIND A $200 CHARGE for your "dinner on the beach" that comes FREE with honeymoon packages...
  • You're surrounded by KIDS after booking an "Adult-Only" resort
  • You show up to a resort restaurant and are told you CAN'T EAT THERE...EVER!


WHAT? How can this be???

Chances are, the resort did a great job at making the details hard to decipher when planning your honeymoon!

Gain an unfair advantage...

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...before planning YOUR all-inclusive honeymoon!

Avoid "Surprise" Spending

Rescue your honeymoon from becoming a money pit after costing hundreds more than you initially paid!

Don't be Banned

Uncover them mystery of WHY you may have restricted access to the entire resort you booked and paid for...

Will They Even Let You Fly?

Discover why so many honeymooners end up being left behind when boarding the plane to their all-inclusive resort. That would suck.

"Too many couples have terrible honeymoons because they don't have this information...

I want to change that!"

- Erin Cook, Travel Expert & Owner of Custom Memories Travel

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